Project Eclipse: Drukhari Raiders

There’s been a big old gap since I last threw anything up here, looking back it was Augst- yoinks. It’s not that I haven’t been hobbying-I’ve been squeezing it in when I can- it’s just this specific project has become a real grind I needed to finish at the expense of all other hobby endeavours.

My original warriors, the first unit I painted after the dip times of the earl 2010s, carefully photographed so as to obscure the sprue and mould lines hanging off their knees and elbows. I lament stripping them but I couldn’t remember this recipe.

On theme this Drukhari army has been torturous; I picked up and built the majority of it eight or nine years ago just after their refresh and let me tell you that Beans Jr was not particularly fastidious in his removal of sprue tabs and flash or his gap filling. I’ve lived the last eight years thinking I had an immaculate Dark Eldar army just sat there waiting for me to get good enough at painting. On cracking them out last year the reality was… unexpected. On top of the shoddy assembly practically every mini was broken in some way, particularly the boats.

Thus what was to be my Magnum Opus (now I don’t use wood stain on miniatures anymore) degenerated into a salvage operation, with a view to getting three-colour-min on these things. Perfect fodder for Reeces Project Eclipse bandwagon during a year of not leaving the house while the UK crumbles as the grubby minority ruling class plunder the rest us. SWEET.

So last year (before we started this blog) I repaired the lot. It took forever, the rails the boat sails sit on were shattered, weapons and crews were missing but I got them to a mostly assembled and intact state. Then I liberally brushed biostrip onto everything before rinsing, scrubbing and base coating with leadbelcher from a spray tin.

Read these 2, 3, 1, 4. Thanks Google collage maker! Look at those stormcast from back in Jan/Feb, lovely fresh minis.

I had a scheme in mind inspired by the art throughout the latest Drukhari Codex (That’s their name now). I think the art is meant to represent the Kabal of the Black Heart but to me it looks metallic so I conjured a recipe involving leadbelcher, black wash to shade, Terradon Turqoise (Contrast) ersats glazing, and highlighting silver (good ol’ drybrushing).

The bad space elves make their stuff vs the good space elves growing their stuff. I thought metallic armour kind of suggested this

As I said before, three-colour-min. The disenchantement was real, I just needed to grind on and get these done so I could get back to enjoying the hobby as I have been. As a further aside photographing minis with a lot of metallic or glossy surfaces is a right kick in the dick. It’s difficult to omit the additional real highlights that you sort of process out when looking at them in hand. I’ve tried to minimise them using an off white background (white didn’t work at all) and using the diffuse panel on my lamp but I don’t really have a clue about photography (go’bless portrait mode on my pixl).

Enough delaying, here’s the army now I’m finished. Lets start with HQs.

Drazhar, an Archon and a Succubus, enough to roll three patrols which is a thing these guys can do in 9th edition without incurring a CP tax.

Warriors are the bread and butter of a Kabalite force. There’s enough here to pad out a couple of patrols. They’ll probably roll as Black Heart as they have some nice gear, Warlord trait and unique Stratagem. Ignore the snow on their bases… it was something I tried out but didn’t like enough to apply elsewhere.

Wyches to backup that Succubus in a different flavour patrol. Of the codex Cults I’ll probably play them as Red Grief. I went back and forth on if I should slap some red contrast over their silver bits but decided to unify their scheme with the Kabalites in the end. While I get that a Drukhari force is made up of lots of smaller factions temporarily aligned I prefer the aesthetic of the the complete army sharing a scheme. If/when I add some Coven they’ll also get the Terradon Turqoise treatment.

These are some of my favourite minis Geedubs make. I had to bits-order three extra haywire blasters for this loadout. Not sure if it’s the best use of them but I felt the army was lacking dedicated anti-vehicle firepower and the underslung cannon with wings is an aesthetic that should make vanguard supressors seethe with envy.

Another favourite mini, these things look ridiculously sleek and deadly. I’ve got nine of them with two heat lances and a blaster (That’s all I could find from their orignal bits and didn’t fancy a second bits order). These are the reason I like Red Grief for a wych cult.

Nearly there guys, thanks for sticking it out. The boats and transports. I’ve got two Venoms, two Raiders and two Ravagers. These will end up in a Kabalite patrol to benfit from some of their gear I guess. I’ll worry about that in a couple years when we can get together and play. I think the three-colour-min is perhaps too little here, they’re all screaming out for some of that sweet freehand you see from folk with a lot more talent than me. I’ll give it a go one day, once the resentment I feel towards this specific plastic dies down a bit.

Last unit, the Razorwing. Another example of three-colour-min being too little. One day I’ll busy it up a bit.

That’s two of the three factions for my contribution to Project Eclipse done with the end of the year looming like some kind of henge. Thankfully the last one Is Ynnari; being a little tricksy I’ve just got three HQs to paint that will let me mix up play with the other two Eclipse armies I’ve painted. Annoyingly I’ve already got a whole bunch of repairs to make on them despite only building them in the spring. Maybe I should revise how I’m storing stuff? Magnets and tupperware are so in right now, perhaps I’ll have a look into that?

I considered finishing this one with a list of lessons I learned from collecting this army so many years ago and the trepedation I felt around painting it and continually putting it off because I doubted my abilities but that would be disingenous. I’ve learned absolutely nothing and am numb to the shame of it. Please check back in ten years to see my plastic Sisters of Battle army. K BYEE.

10 thoughts on “Project Eclipse: Drukhari Raiders

  1. They look so good!

    I’ve seen these guys go through a few schemes and I’ve got to say this is my favourite. The uniformity of them en masse is intimidating and I’m sure they’ll be tearing holes in my Deathwatch as soon as we can play again.

    Liked by 1 person

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