A Tale of Four Gamers

Enough money, time, and plastic toys; three things most of us are lacking. Way back in the late 90s (when monopose meant monopose) White Dwarf published a series of monthly articles that followed four hobbyists as they each started to collect, build, paint and play a new Warhammer Fantasy army. As memory serves, they had … More A Tale of Four Gamers

Cronsade Expanded

Had a bit of an Aeldari palette cleanser last week before the last push on my bit of Project Eclipse. It’s a drastic change and wreaks of War in Heaven but I painted more Necrons. Here’re the additions: Thankfully a simple scheme like this is super quick to paint, I was able to churn this … More Cronsade Expanded

Project Eclipse: Deathwatch Update 5 – Target Acquired!

What’s black and red with guns all over? That’s right, I finished my Corvus Blackstar! But wait, there’s more! I also finished a Stormtalon! Fair warning to the local 40k community – I will be making NEOOOWWWWWM noises followed by the spittle infused machine gun sounds that every 80s child made whenever I do anything … More Project Eclipse: Deathwatch Update 5 – Target Acquired!


Things have ground to a halt here at Fingers Manor, its been over a month since we’ve posted anything. In fact we’ve been a bit dry since we finished our dabble with AoS somewhat jerkily courtesy of Big ‘Rona. Turns out not getting to roll dice can really dent motivation to pursue a hobby that … More Cronsade

A Tale of Four Gamers: Death, again! Part 6

Month 5 recap and roundup. Back in pre-pandemic times four man-children decided to set upon the task of building, painting, basing and playing with fully painted models; The Tale of Four Gamers. The world is quite a different place now and sadly the playing aspect has had to be temporarily postponed for obvious reasons, but … More A Tale of Four Gamers: Death, again! Part 6